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Reviews for Chill Vegan by Nicholas Tamblyn and Katherine Eglund

Simply delicious! I have a few vegan cookbooks and this is one of the best desserts ones I’ve found.. The notes are very detailed but also on the simpler or easy to follow side and every recipe I’ve tried (I’ve tried a few) is just delicious. This cookbook will serve you well- well worth checking out!

Emily, Amazon customer

We have made a few of the ice creams and some of the cakes and the mousse, and they have been a big success in our house! There is something in this book for everyone, and everything we’ve made has been delicious. Heartily recommended.

James Parker, Amazon customer

I have been trying to live healthier this year and making my own meals and desserts. This book has been very useful in putting my refrigerator to better use, and for ingredients and desserts that are so tasty they really are great in how nutritious they are as well. A recommendable collection of plant-based no-bake desserts.

Leo, Amazon customer

These are the easiest desserts to make for people who don’t like to cook or bake. Fortunately, I am one of those. I also like ice creams. Everybody likes ice creams and ice pops. For kids, this is a good activity as well. Lots of easy to prepare Vegan recipes to choose from. I love it!

Shae Tatum, Amazon customer

Good book for vegan ice cream lovers. All the recipes are so easy to make, and the cost is so much more lower, than buying Dairy Free Ice Cream in the store. Have already made 2 ice creams and one of them was incredibly delicious. About to make more.

Amazon customer

I tried many recipes so far with my kids and so far so good! The ingredients used are common items I already had at home (for the most part) which meant doable recipes without spending a whole lot of money. Instructions are quite clear and easy to follow. For some recipes extra notes are provided and they were very useful in succeeding the recipes. For instance the author will tell us which kind of coconut milk to use… and WHY. This is useful when in doubt. Nice variety of desserts… from ice cream to small cakes. Everyone will find something they want to try for sure! I know we did!

Marrye Q., Amazon customer

Reviews for Noli Me Tangere: A Shortened Version in Modern English Translated with an Introduction and Notes by Nicholas Tamblyn

The Noli is an amazing book with tremendous historical importance. José Rizal was part of our college studies in world literature and I was grateful to have learned about him and somewhat surprised I had not read his work sooner. Both of his great novels, The Noli and The Fili show his amazing talents as a writer, and Noli Me Tángere’s critical involvement in the Philippine revolution as well is remarkable. I recommend the book to all lovers of great literary writing and classic literature!

Michael Gordon, Amazon customer

It was a pleasure to find a new translation of Noli Me Tángere. It is an inspiring book and I greatly enjoyed this translation, as well as the helpful lengthy introduction and notes on the characters. A terrific read, a great translation—I love this book very much!

Sylvia, Amazon customer

I must admit while I had heard of José Rizal and a little about his role in the Philippine revolution I had not read “Noli Me Tángere”, and I was pleasantly surprised. I have long been a fan of classics in a literary style and I wish I had discovered his writings sooner. I will be reading “the Fili” next and recommending this book to all of my friends that appreciate great literature! You will love this book!

M.J.C.K., Amazon customer

I’ve read the Noli Me Tángere in Tagalog and Spanish version and have just read this book in English version. While I read it, I am still moved by the writing of the late Dr. José Rizal, the Philippine’s National Hero. Whoever will read it should be able to read between the lines to better grasp why Dr. Rizal wrote it during the Spaniards Era. This book was a requirement on our History class but I would read it even when it’s not. I think this is the best shortened version of the Noli Me Tángere. It never lose the presence of Dr. Rizal writings.

KCreader, Amazon customer

This is a memorable, page-turning new version of a classic book that is a source for students and teachers as well as a general reader. It is recommended to students studying Rizal but it is really a classic to be enjoyed by everybody, both in the Philippines and around the world. This translation gives the book new life, and includes a lengthy, useful introduction and notes on the characters. It is a terrific introduction to Rizal’s life and work.

Kriru, Amazon customer

It is an abridged version of this famous title. Though abridged, it keeps all the necessary events that make this book great (politics, abuse of power, love for freedom and justice, and love and adventure), as well as makes it easier to read. The reference to all the characters helps with following the story, as the story is complex with many fascinating characters. An interesting read.

Irina, Amazon customer

Reviews for The Essential Frances Hodgson Burnett, introduced by Nicholas Tamblyn

“In this day and age, when magical realism is neglected amid the otherwise imperative injunctions of science (and the horrors of the daily news), the works of Frances Hodgson Burnett stand uniquely at the edge of a fine garden, whispering and willing us inside.” – Nicholas Tamblyn. Very pleased to find this collection and read the delightful classics of Frances Hodgson Burnett, reawakening the child inside. Thank you Mr. Tamblyn for this wonderful collection!

R. Heebner, Amazon customer

I was delighted to reread The Secret Garden and to discover the other books – the little-known book, The Lost Prince, is an engaging story, as are the two classics A Little Princess and Little Lord Fauntleroy. A must read (for children and adults)!

Jane Gibson, Amazon customer

Frances Hodgson Burnett is one of the all time great writers. What more is there to say? I was so glad to have these four books in the one collection, I will be reading it more than once – I was glad to finally get round to reading Little Lord Fauntleroy and The Lost Prince and rereading The Secret Garden and A Little Princess. Especially good book to get for your children – but I can vouch for the fact that it’s a great read for everyone!

White M., Amazon customer

Frances Hodgson Burnett is a beautiful writer. I got this collection for my children and have begun by reading The Secret Garden to them every night. I have also read (for myself) Little Lord Fauntleroy and enjoyed it immensely, and will later read The Lost Prince and also reread (when reading to my children) A Little Princess. What a delightful and beautiful writer Frances Hodgson Burnett is, I can’t recommend her enough!

Amazon customer

I have been a long-time fan of Frances Hodgson Burnett and have read a number of her books several times, yet I was new to “The Lost Prince” and enjoyed it a lot, and was happy sharing that and the brilliant “The Secret Garden”, “A Little Princess” and “Little Lord Fauntleroy” with my children. A must-have introduction to Frances Hodgson Burnett’s best books.

Alessia Smith, Amazon customer

Wonderful! I’ve always been a huge fan of the works of Frances Hodgson Burnett so getting the essential works all in one collection was a treat. Glad that I went ahead and picked this one up, Well put together and something I’d recommend to all fans of literature.

K.R.T., Amazon customer

Reviews for The Complete Confucius, introduced by Nicholas Tamblyn

I love reading about the great philosophers and thinkers of ancient times. So much wisdom to be gained from the lessons they have to teach. Very pleased to grab this one as I wasn’t overly familiar with Confucius. Learned a ton from this guide. Highly recommend checking it out!

K.R.T., Amazon customer

An insightful book bringing together Confucius’ complete works – I was particularly impressed with the last part, The Great Learning, which I had not heard about before. A useful book for lovers of philosophy, and in general how to live well, though there is a lot to get through that is less gripping than its best parts.

Leo, Amazon customer

Confucius and his disciples had so much to say about the problems and philosophical challenges of their time, and his complete works are just as valuable and relevant today as when they were first published. The text has a scriptural feeling to it and it is worth reading, especially if you are interested in philosophy.

Mary White, Amazon customer

An excellent book on Confucian texts. It is perfect for gaining a basic understanding of the values upheld by Confucius. This book says that Confucius have many profound things to tell. It features complete works of Confucius. This ebook is really worth the price.

MR, Amazon India customer

Confucius is central to Chinese and world philosophy, and the discussions that form The Analects, and the writings in the other texts, cover a lot of ethical ground and above all the need or desire to try to be a good person. It is necessary reading for not only those interested in the study of philosophy and Asia but also history more broadly and the present or day to day challenges of being a good person.

Emily, Amazon customer

Philosophy books are not as gripping as other books at times, it’s fair to say… But The Analects of Confucius contain many important ideas and moments of reflection, and readers are likely to be pleasantly surprised by how beautifully written and interesting the other works are as well—not to be missed!

Amazon customer

Reviews for The Analects of Confucius, introduced by Nicholas Tamblyn

Important and insightful, this was my first read of this classic. It is enlightening about the culture and concerns of the time, describes Confucius’ character in surprising detail, and contains useful conversations and reflections on how to be a good person. It is an enjoyable book for lovers of philosophy.

Faith Morgan, Amazon customer

“The Analects” is different to how some people might expect because it is as much of a conversation between Confucius and his disciples about their times and characters as it is a discussion of philosophy. It is a key book to read for those interested in the history of philosophy and Asian thought, but it really speaks to all times and builds upon its ideas towards the end. Well worth sticking with a book that is unique and which has become one of the most important books in history.

Jane Gibson, Amazon customer

This book presents a number of deep and interesting theories. It is discussed clearly and effectively. Great read.

Timothy W., Amazon customer

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