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First Post, Hello and Welcome to My Blog

By ndtamblyn 4 years ago
First Post

Hello and welcome! Thank you for coming by to peruse my first post and my site—you may also follow me on FacebookTwitter, and Instagram, check out my Author Page at Amazon, and sign up to my newsletter (see bottom of page).

This blog will explore issues relating to animal rights (and other areas that relate to veganism such as health and the environment), the arts, creativity, travel, social media and the web in general, and the simple challenges that we all know only too well of (as both Paul Simon and Alanis Morissette wrote) being a “citizen of the planet.”

I will also make mention of or discuss upcoming releases on the site (and, potentially, any giveaways or sales), as well as on social media. Thank you once again, and I hope that you enjoy the blog and the books.

Nicholas Tamblyn

  Animal Rights, Books, Creative Process, Social Media, Vegan
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