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Burning the Candle at Both Ends Again

By ndtamblyn 1 year ago
burning the candle

The early hours of the morning are so great for working, but I notice that not only are my cognitive skills during the day reduced from or by overwork each night, I actually experience more anxiety, or less calm, by waking in this kind of not wholly rested atmosphere.

When you have a child it becomes something trivial for you in comparison to the importance for them. Life passes usually without things out of the ordinary, but when strange things arrive you have little time to appreciate and to rise above them (to adopt the phrase of the famous words in The African Queen) and seconds count. To paraphrase another thing from this article, “A parent’s life is full of interruption.”

I have been so busy with other things I haven’t had much time to post here, partly because I get the sense that, in the world of Twitter and Instagram, vlogs and podcasts and compulsively readable political articles (some of which started as or do have the more personable feel of blogs), even by those of massive celebrity, have to a large degree replaced personal or shorter kinds of blogs. It is far easier to absorb those things “on the go” or in a more passive way (longform journalism shared on Twitter is the exception, often tapping into the day’s most recent outrages and their multipronged responses), and so for those of us not interested in vlogging and podcasting perhaps there’s a future in blogs that are experienced in audio (if this isn’t happening already), and if a post is personal but its author is keen for a much larger number of views it had better tap into some of the latest outrages in an “evergreen” sort of way.

The blog isn’t dead, but Twitter and Instagram posts are getting longer, podcasts in particular are the revitalised and overtly personalised radio-like future (if not present), and I know that posts these days have to have a lot to say to be worthwhile. You’ll forgive my having less to say in this one, as I will need to get more sleep in order for the next one to be as engaging and thought-provoking as the best videos, podcasts, and think pieces filled with analysis out there, shared, replaced, sometimes out of mind within the hour making way for the latest piece amidst this dynamic, unending flood of information.

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