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the complete confucius ebook and paperback by Nicholas Tamblyn

The Complete Confucius

The Analects, The Doctrine Of The Mean, And The Great Learning

With an Introduction by Nicholas Tamblyn

Confucius is one of our very best thinkers, a model for living a self-aware and virtuous life. “The Complete Confucius: The Analects, The Doctrine Of The Mean, And The Great Learning,” brings together the most important Confucian texts with an introduction by Nicholas Tamblyn.

Confucius lived from 551–479 BC. The principles he espoused largely reflected the values and traditions in China at the time. Rather than create a formal theory, Confucius desired that his disciples study, learning and mastering the classic older texts, and affirmed that the superior person seeks and loves learning for the sake of learning, and righteousness for the sake of righteousness.

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Reviews for The Complete Confucius

“Good introduction to the basis of East Asian philosophy and state of cultural development.”
— Robert L. Kocher, Amazon customer

“This book is a collection of some of the more prominent texts of Confucius. These texts display the eastern philosophies that many seem to be striving to return to in this modern age. This book is perfect for gaining a basic understanding of the principles of Confucius or as an augment to a text in any philosophy class. Unfortunately much of philosophy taught in individualistic societies is of the western nature, so if you would like to incorporate the eastern teachings as well, look no further than this book!”
— M. J. C. K., Amazon customer

“I have read the Analects a few times and had not read The Doctrine of the Mean and The Great Learning. I think they are just as important to read and the language is just as memorable but flows more like religious essays. A book recommended to all students of philosophy and world history!”
— Samo, Amazon customer

“This book conveys the appreciation of Confucius’ The Analects, The Doctrine Of The Mean, And The Great Learning. It shows the importance of the principles and learning that legendarily contributed to the values and traditions of modern times not just in China. I learned extra-ordinary learning of Confucius’ wisdom from this book.”
— Brett Blaine, Amazon customer

“I appreciate this book for compiling the brief passages which is legendarily significant in the Chinese philosophy and even around the world. The words and teachings of Confucius has been treasured and followed because of its great impact in every human life. Thus, this book brings life and memory of the Confucius wisdom and philosophy. A great reference though!”
— Shaun D Sheep, Amazon customer

“Philosophy books are not as gripping as other books at times, it’s fair to say… But The Analects of Confucius contain many important ideas and moments of reflection, and readers are likely to be pleasantly surprised by how beautifully written and interesting the other works are as well—not to be missed!”
— Amazon customer

“I have not read much philosophy and I wasn’t used to the slower pace of the varied conversations near the start, but I became engrossed in the unique discussion of ideas that followed and was amazed in a way at how detailed the descriptions of Confucius as a person are. I also enjoyed the other parts in the book, the less-known works that comprise his complete works.. Confucius had many simple yet profound things to say.. Don’t be deterred by the (less “action-packed”) opening chapter or two, things moved slower in those ancient times and as a whole I highly recommend the book!”
— Sylvia, Amazon customer

“The complete Confucius was a touch slow at first but then became so much more as I continued to read. So much of his philosophy is still true today. I think this should be a regular reading for students as it may help them understand life and become better people.”
— Amy Sue, Amazon customer

“This book is full of insights and philosophical conversations from long ago that are still relevant today. Placed in context usefully by the introduction- a key book for those interested in philosophy. Greatly recommended!”
— Brad Milliss

“Confucius is such an iconic philosophical thinker. You can learn a lot from reading his work and it really makes you think and examine things in greater detail. This book gives you a great look into China back then BC. It provides a compilation of speeches between Confucius and his disciples exploring areas such as Self-examination, Leadership and self-cultivation. As Confucius says you have to love learning for the sake of learning and this book does help you learn a lot. Would recommend giving this a great if you love philosophy and China.”
— Edward, Amazon customer

“An insightful book bringing together Confucius’ complete works – I was particularly impressed with the last part, The Great Learning, which I had not heard about before. A useful book for lovers of philosophy, and in general how to live well, though there is a lot to get through that is less gripping than its best parts.”
— Leo, Amazon customer

“An excellent book on Confucian texts. It is perfect for gaining a basic understanding of the values upheld by Confucius. This book says that Confucius have many profound things to tell. It features complete works of Confucius. This ebook is really worth the price.”
— MR, Amazon India customer

“Came across some stuff about Confucius when looking into Chinese culture recently. That’s what led me to this book, and I’m glad I now know more about this way of thinking and living your life. Very good informative book for the intrigued!”
— Amy, Amazon customer

“I love reading about the great philosophers and thinkers of ancient times. So much wisdom to be gained from the lessons they have to teach. Very pleased to grab this one as I wasn’t overly familiar with Confucius. Learned a ton from this guide. Highly recommend checking it out!”
— K.R.T., Amazon customer

“I found Confucius very easy to read and was surprised at how much of a discussion it is rather than one philosopher’s instruction. This version shows Confucius from various sides and gives a better understanding of the time and its thought — and it contains some wonderful writing and some memorable, valuable thoughts.”
— Brad Milliss, Amazon customer

“Confucius and his disciples had so much to say about the problems and philosophical challenges of their time, and his complete works are just as valuable and relevant today as when they were first published. The text has a scriptural feeling to it and it is worth reading, especially if you are interested in philosophy.”
— Mary White, Amazon customer

“Well worth a read! Really good book on Confucius!”
— Jaydeep, Amazon customer

“Confucius is central to Chinese and world philosophy, and the discussions that form The Analects, and the writings in the other texts, cover a lot of ethical ground and above all the need or desire to try to be a good person. It is necessary reading for not only those interested in the study of philosophy and Asia but also history more broadly and the present or day to day challenges of being a good person.”
— Emily, Amazon customer

“I enjoyed the lessons and learned a lot from the wisdom of The Analects and the other writings of Confucius, all of which is beautifully written. It is an indispensable book for students of history and philosophy, and Asian history and the history of thought (in Asia and its effects beyond too) for that matter. Good to have a wider context of Confucius and his times beyond The Analects too.”
— Abbie Zoe, Amazon customer

“So much wisdom to be gained from the lessons they have to teach. Very pleased to grab this one as I wasn’t overly familiar with Confucius. Learned a ton from this guide. Highly recommend checking it out!”
— Easton William, Amazon customer