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The Essential Frances Hodgson Burnett

The Secret Garden, Little Lord Fauntleroy, A Little Princess, and The Lost Prince 

With an Introduction by Nicholas Tamblyn

This essential collection of Frances Hodgson Burnett’s works, with an introduction by Nicholas Tamblyn, presents her four novels The Secret Garden, Little Lord Fauntleroy, A Little Princess, and The Lost Prince.

From Nicholas Tamblyn’s introduction, “There is a sense of wonder and gratitude that permeates the work of Frances Hodgson Burnett. Some may label this childlike wonder, given that her novels have appealed so potently and irresistibly to children, but wonder is not of an age but something we carry with us all our lives.”

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Paperback: USD$ 14.89

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Reviews for The Essential Frances Hodgson Burnett

“Frances Hodgson Burnett is one of the all time great writers. What more is there to say? I was so glad to have these four books in the one collection, I will be reading it more than once – I was glad to finally get round to reading Little Lord Fauntleroy and The Lost Prince and rereading The Secret Garden and A Little Princess. Especially good book to get for your children – but I can vouch for the fact that it’s a great read for everyone!”
— White M., Amazon customer

“This book is a collection of four beautiful classic kids’ stories. Though it’s children’s literature the stories are well-written and I appreciate how the author put the emotions into writings as I was carried away with it. I keep on re-reading “The Secret Garden”, a story of a curious Mary that shows courage and determination. But all of the stories are inspirational for me and I would love to share this with my kids.”
— Brett Blaine, Amazon customer

“Frances Hodgson Burnett is a beautiful writer. I got this collection for my children and have begun by reading The Secret Garden to them every night. I have also read (for myself) Little Lord Fauntleroy and enjoyed it immensely, and will later read The Lost Prince and also reread (when reading to my children) A Little Princess. What a delightful and beautiful writer Frances Hodgson Burnett is, I can’t recommend her enough!”
— Amazon customer

“Wonderful! I’ve always been a huge fan of the works of Frances Hodgson Burnett so getting the essential works all in one collection was a treat. Glad that I went ahead and picked this one up, Well put together and something I’d recommend to all fans of literature.”
— K.R.T., Amazon customer

“I was delighted to reread The Secret Garden and to discover the other books – the little-known book, The Lost Prince, is an engaging story, as are the two classics A Little Princess and Little Lord Fauntleroy. A must read (for children and adults)!”
— Jane Gibson, Amazon customer

“”In this day and age, when magical realism is neglected amid the otherwise imperative injunctions of science (and the horrors of the daily news), the works of Frances Hodgson Burnett stand uniquely at the edge of a fine garden, whispering and willing us inside.” – Nicholas Tamblyn. Very pleased to find this collection and read the delightful classics of Frances Hodgson Burnett, reawakening the child inside. Thank you Mr. Tamblyn for this wonderful collection!”
— R. Heebner, Amazon customer

“This is a truly great book! (All four books…!) It is dramatic and moving in so many ways, a great read – highly recommended!”
— Timothy W., Amazon customer

“I have been a long-time fan of Frances Hodgson Burnett and have read a number of her books several times, yet I was new to “The Lost Prince” and enjoyed it a lot, and was happy sharing that and the brilliant “The Secret Garden”, “A Little Princess” and “Little Lord Fauntleroy” with my children. A must-have introduction to Frances Hodgson Burnett’s best books.”
— Alessia Smith, Amazon customer

“Highly recommended! Great set of books, definitely worth a read!”
— Jaydeep, Amazon customer