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You Will Experience A Few Technical Issues

By ndtamblyn 4 years ago
Technical issues

If you’re a blogger and book publisher, well… Let’s let out a sigh of sorrow when we reflect on the technical issues and other difficulties that must be overcome just to get to where we are now. Probably a good deal behind where we ought (and where we expected ourselves) to be.

Don’t get me wrong—as while it is in the nature of people to now and then bite the hand that feeds them, I can’t think of anything more enjoyable and meaningful than writing or publishing (even when you take into account the bad people and the well-intended criticism politely offered that nobody wants). Yet in today’s DIY world, the technical challenges and frustrations rapidly stack up.

None of us like to witness self-pity and its associated unavailing tears, but then again, if the average person dealt with both the creative and technical hurdles every moment of the day (and often simultaneously) that authors do, then they would quickly develop a sympathy for the pains of the process, whatever their sales numbers might be.

I think that creating content that can be then shared online is about as meaningful as it gets for those who are inclined towards a creative activity, and so it may come as a surprise to find that more people don’t do it, beyond instagramming, or tweeting and Facebook shares.

There is certainly a time consideration but, apart from a lack of inspiration or fear of global criticism, I would say that the number one reason most people stop is the endless frustrations that come along with any software or web activity.

It heaps a whole pile of technological challenges on-top of the creative ones. I need not give examples, really, because we have all suffered under the tyranny of horrible cybersystems and mystifying glitches. We may have thrown objects around the room, and collapsed our heads on the desk in disgust and indignation.

Although we may have lost terabytes of important information, we do know that most problems will be sorted out in the end, but the waiting that comes when dealing with (often astonishingly) unhelpful staff—though this is not always the case and it is brilliant when it isn’t—or with untold and soul-numbing upload times, is painful in a unique and newfangled, state of the art way.

With time, these unbearable sufferings of the first world are (apart from the lost information) all but forgotten, but there is the imminent threat of a new unscientifically scientific issue just around the corner. Humanity invented machines to make things simply run better; and even though humans invented them, it is still surprising how unimaginatively unhelpful, broken, and in disrepair these machines can be.

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